Monday, February 11, 2013

What a Time!

Suppose I choose an apt time to return to the space where the 'nuttiness' started almost a year ago. Last night Wally swept-up a triplicate of Grammy gold, not to my surprise but certainly to my satisfaction. But it's not about my satisfaction-it's about the shared joy of seeing someone dear and deserving receiving a high honor for an immense labor of sonic love. 
I spent nearly nine hours last night keeping up with the precast, red carpet and final Grammy telecast. I was like a fervent gambler toiling away at the table for that one big win. I went to bed last night with sore wrists and numb fingertips...and a bit of shock that someone so kind and authentic would reach such a high watermark in his career whilst I was privileged to participate. Yes it is a privilege-one that comes with labor indeed-but let's be real; sometimes good fortune intermingles with committed effort, or even supersedes it. Suppose the distinction isn't really all that important.
Anyway-I am happy to be back here where I can make space to consider the meta-meanings of all the chatter and news, be it victorious, spurious or otherwise. I've generated a community, a tribe of sorts, under one shared motive. Pretty cool. Pretty challenging, but pretty cool.

I'm genuinely joyful for Wally and his collaborators today. Although they may be just another few mantle-tchotchkes at the material level, the three Grammy's he flies home with are a symbol of the brilliant art he chose to risk committing to twelve-odd years ago. That profound risk-and the courage and audacity that drove it-is what brings us all the brilliant music we collectively treasure today. There's no weight in gold that can pay that debt of gratitude, but hell....maybe a Record of the Year citation helps.

 Thanks to everyone who has been involved and celebrated one of the best crazy career decisions of one of the coolest dudes on earth.  May this be only one of many more big blips on the Wally radar!

--Paige ("Mum Nut")


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  1. Amen to that Paige! He's so young & talented, plus he's still gonna play with the basics , he has wonderful career ahead of him!!!

  2. I couldn’t be more thrilled than if a family member won!

    With each win on Sunday night, I felt we were moving further from mediocrity and closer to a space where gifted, generous, tenacious, and compellingly creative people are not only invited but celebrated.

    This was a triple-Grammy win for Wally—but a greater victory for the future of music , not to mention art and artists.

    And even more, I am honored, blessed, and plain old chuffed to be a part of a community that recognizes the power of true art and beauty from within that, when poured into music, becomes a remarkable source of warmth and light in all the dark places.